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Marisol Cruz

Words cannot truly express how Flo has made me look and feel! I am her walking billboard! Everywhere I go someone stops to ask how I got my eyeliner so perfect and how did I get that movie star look with my eyebrows! Then I tell them about Flo and her beautiful art of permanent makeup. There’s no one like Flo and I would travel across the country for another appointment.
Marisol Cruz, Philadelphia, Pa.

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Bruce Landon M.D.

Flo, it is my pleasure distributing your cards for our patients requesting permanent makeup. I hope that you have been able to provide services based on our referrals.
Bruce N. Landon, M.D. F.A.C.S., Landon Plastic Surgery

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Yvonne Schell

Flo, What a pleasure it was meeting you while I was in America! Thank you for touching up my eyes. They look absolutely beautiful. You must come visit me in Germany! You have a friend always!
Yvonne Schell, Photographer, Germany

Peter A. Hilger, M.D. (Plastic Surgeon)

I have had the pleasure of working with Flo Hoxie for several years.  She is a wonderful colleague. She has a great artistic eye, and is technically outstanding in her skills for permanent make-up.  Our patients have loved visiting with her.  Her creative artistic talents are very complimentary to the rejuvenation surgery we perform through our office.


Cat Wiley

Flo, you are an angel!  As a friend, you have been supportive and honest.  As a professional, you are an example of positive attitude and making each of your customers feel special. Thank you for all the attention and detail to my eyes and lips and heart.


Lorrie Y

Flo, because of some family problems, I couldn’t see you in Minneapolis and I needed a touch up so I went to someone else… someone I thought  could do a good job who said  she had 20 years of experience.  The whole experience was totally different than what I had with you!  You saw the result!  My brow color was too dark with grayish tones and absolutely no warmth.  Now you and I must begin a process to correct the bad result I got.   So my warning is, sometimes what is more “convenient” or “less money”  or someone with tons of experience may not be what they seem.  You made me realize there is a huge difference between “someone” that does permanent makeup and an artist that does permanent makeup. It was great finally seeing you again; and I won’t ever be trying someone else…


Christal C., Clearwater Florida

I have had numerous permanent makeup procedures since 1995. The procedures have included my eyebrows, eyeliner, lip liner, and full lips.  I have had some good and some very bad experiences.  It has been quite difficult to find someone truly skilled and talented who I could trust to apply my permanent makeup.  Fortunately, I found Flo Hoxie.  She is the only full-time permanent makeup artist I know and it shows in the quality, consistency, and efficiency of her work.  Flo is able to achieve final results in one visit, unlike most other permanent makeup artists.  It is with much pleasure and confidence that I recommend Flo Hoxie to anyone seeking superb permanent makeup results


Ellen Lasner, Cosmetic Makeup Artist Nordstrom

Flo, I’ve told so many women about your amazing work. My esthetician took your card to refer her clients….and I am the happiest gal in town, utterly thrilled with my new brows!!  Flo, they are perfect, not too light or too dark, absolutely beautiful.  I am not adding any make-up to them, unless I do a really dramatic eye!  Thanks again, please stay in touch!


Eunice L.

Thank you to Dr. Carter, for giving me Flo Hoxie’s name.  I am so happy with what Flo did for the definition and color of my lips.  She is a beautiful and remarkable woman very professional yet so very charming all the while.


Lynda S.

I am sending this note to thank you for my breathtaking new lips!!  I still can’t believe how painless and effortless (well, for me anyway!) a process this was!

I have no doubt that Dr. Wilke at Edina Plastic Surgery will be awestruck by the impact of the lip tattooing and will want to consider, seriously, recommending your tattooing procedure as the finishing grace note following his own lip augmentation surgery.

Bountiful thanks for an extraordinary effort, which you actually managed to transform into a pleasant experience!


Gail A.

Just a note to say “thank you”.  I wanted my eyes to look natural.  Boy do they! I am thrilled.  I don’t think people even know I am wearing makeup.  Permanent at that.  Who said “you can have no gain without pain”.  They were wrong. You deliver!  May God bless you.


Phyllis Affeldt, RN, CSPN, Edina Plastic Surgery Center

I became acquainted with Flo after seeing her work on several of our patients.  I began referring patients and, inevitably, they would return to our clinic looking and feeling beautiful.

I had permanent makeup done in the past by several people, but never felt the work was performed skillfully.  Flo was able to correct the flaws and, for the first time in years, I was not self-conscious about my looks.

Flo is very personal and professional.  She will be a great asset to anyone who works with her.

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