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Quality of service should guide your decision rather than price alone when considering any cosmetic procedure or choosing a cosmetic practitioner. Flo's dedication to excellence will be evident throughout your procedure. Her makeup artistry skills, gentle and steady technique, custom-blended color selection  to enhance your skin tone, and impeccable hygiene are all paramount as she performs each and every procedure. Only the finest, state-of-the-art equipment, pharmaceutical grade pigments and single-use only applicator cartridges (eliminating cross contamination) are used exclusively.

Flo's fees range from $350 (upper Eyeliner), $450 (Brows) to $750 (full Lip Color).

Color boosts (i.e., touch ups) to keep your permanent makeup fresh and beautiful are recommended every 12-18 months to refresh and restore color that has faded or softened. Touch up prices vary depending on amount of work required but are normally $250 per application.

Permanent make-up is a comparatively low maintenance option when keeping in mind that many other cosmetic enhancements, i.e., Botox, cosmetic fillers, micro peels requires costly maintenance.


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Eyebrows - $450

Amazingly beautiful and natural hairstroke brows

Lipliner $550

Defined lipline with beautiful color

Upper Eyeliner - $350

Very gently applied using a delicate hand piece
(no vibration)

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