A Note from Flo

I absolutely love doing permanent makeup and there's nothing else I would choose to do with my life.  After all of these years and so many procedures, I still get excited when I hand my client a mirror and she takes that first look at her permanent makeup!  Her smile … or tears of happiness (especially from my cancer patients) still touches my heart and reaffirms that I have chosen the perfect profession.  I feel very grateful that the artist in me has found a home.

I sometimes feel that my clients who find me aren't "by accident."  We share a common thread somehow….could be our search for the perfect diet, our thoughts about the male species, great books to read, fabulous places to visit or just that we're happy where we are at this time in our lives!  However you've found me, I'm so glad that you did!  I hope you enjoy my website and feel secure in my abilities to offer you the highest level of permanent makeup service.  I welcome you with open arms.

Warmest wishes,

Flo Hoxie

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